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daniel white, counsellor & coach


Daniel White is a skilled therapist and spiritual warrior. He is ballsy and gentle; heartfelt and edgy; strong and playful. He has been a keen witness to my process, artfully creating space where I feel safe and can take risks. I feel both supported and challenged in his presence. Daniel is simply a living invitation to journey in the heart.

Dr. Pierre, Physician and Founder, Helios Integrated Medicine - Boulder, Colorado


I have found Daniel to possess a truly unique ability to cut through to the real core of an issue and offer genuinely useful, insightful perspective. He’s extremely attuned, sensitive and nurturing but at the same time knows when to challenge me, to provoke thought. I have learnt so much, and developed more than I ever expected, and live a fuller, more genuine life. Eye-opening is an understatement for my experience…and I plan on continuing it

IAH, Investment Banking - Hong Kong

Where I Work

I regularly work with clients throughout Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East both online. I also conduct in-person intensives as required, at the following locations. With clients from more than 100 different countries, I am very familiar with cross-cultural dynamics.