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​Supporting couples who want genuine transformaton

Daniel White MA (Couns Psych)

Registered Psychotherapist (PACFA Australia) and Certified Transformational Coach (Circling Institute, USA) with over 8,000 hours experience.

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Something out of balance? Does this sound all too familiar to you?

  • We communicate poorly and we’re constantly blaming and criticising each other.
  • I feel insecure and needy in this relationship 
  • I have discovered my partner is having an affair
  • Our sex life is non-existent, its like we are just running a business
  • We are still holding on to past relationship hurts and pain and can’t move on.
  • I feel alone and disconnected from my partner

Many people face similar challenges. Let me show you how I can help...


His laser-sharp skills pick up on the subtle, yet incredibly vital, cues that lead to real transformation, unfolding, and ability to relate deeply and authentically. I highly recommend Daniel for anyone who is looking to heal, transform, or simply go deeper in their romantic relationships and connection with others.

Krista B, Boulder CO - Designer

Daniel is extremely skilled at inviting both men and women to deepen into more intimacy and connection with each other, even amidst conflict or painful emotions. His style is a beautiful mix of friendly and compassionate but also powerful and directive

Lara I, Dating coach

Daniel has a rare gift for facilitating meaningful connections in the moment — felt experiences rather than mental concepts. These experiences show rather than tell couples how they can create more authentic, intimate, and satisfying relationships.

Allison C, Consultant - Cleveland, Ohio

Heather, Denver, CO

To work with Daniel doing Couples therapy is a wonderful and a very valuable experience. As an individual, I am really learning how to love myself. Daniel is an amazing teacher, coach or therapist whatever you want to call it. He’s trustable and adaptable. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you so much, Daniel.

Heather, Student - Denver, Colorado

I spent right at a year working with Daniel and it has turned out to be one of the most remarkable years in my life. His unique blend of knowing when to push me a little farther than I wanted to go sometimes and when to just let both of us recognize and appreciate our progress was astute and always appropriate.

Randy M, Captain US Army, Retired

Daniel’s rare combination of cognitive clarity and presence, tempered with a deeply authentic sensitivity, make him imminently qualified to facilitate personal growth work of all sorts. Working with Daniel has helped us grow as individuals, which over time has served to deepen our level of intimacy in both direct and subtle ways.

Greg T, Programmer - Denver, Colorado

As a marriage counselor, I can help you with... 

  • Recovering from betrayal and affairs.
  • dealing with extended family and blended family issues
  • Repairing from chronic and repeated  conflicts.
  • Recovering from a  breakup or divorce.
  • explore options before considering divorce
  • Developing a  vision, model and practices for a successful relationship.
  • Pre-marital counselling issues
  • navigating past issues/trauma thats effecting your current relationship

Daniel's helped me to be a more open, loving, and stronger man. He has razor sharp insights, and always delivers them with strength and gentleness.

Rick J – Director eLearning Services

I support professionals from these companies in their personal and professional lives

How I work

The core of this therapy is Daniel helping partners to strengthen their attachment bonds.  You'll learn how to become each other’s anchor. know how to make their partner feel safe, understood & prioritised. You will learn how to read and manage each others emotions, which will reduce stress, and increase your feeling of connection, safety and well-being and help you parent better.

You will learn how to draw out the best in each other, fostering healthy boundaries and practice an unambiguous and warm style of communication. You will also know your own needs really well and learn how to help your partner meet your needs.

Relationship distress results from perceived threats to basic adult needs for safety, security and closeness in relationships. Seemingly petty arguments that occur over and over again in a relationship generally stem from deeper needs for security and feeling understood. 

Working with Daniel teaches both partners how understand the needs and how to give them to each other. When working with couples, Daniel employs his training in Emotion focused couples therapy (EFT) and Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT).

Daniel’s approach to therapy for couples is highly practical. He helps by slowing things down, allowing a new, healthier conversation to emerge. As a therapist, he holds both partners accountable for the relationships, encouraging them to operate from the healthiest and most adult part of themselves so they can learn how to take care of themselves and each other. Couples develop an ‘owners manual’ for each other, in the words of Stan Tatkin, a significant influence on Daniel’s approach. When you work with Daniel you receive clear insight into the automatic behaviours you are operating from that don’t serve you or your relationship.

Who is Daniel White?

online coaching and counselling for expats

counsellor for expats

I’m a relationship specialist.

I challenge and guide my clients to build and sustain successful and fulfilling personal and professional relationships (starting with the one with themselves).

With fierceness, humour and humility, I champion client’s causes.

My focus is working with high-functioning professionals who encounter interpersonal relationship challenges in all domains.

My clients include hedge fund managers, CEOs and CFOs of major international firms, homeless people, bankers, pilots, corporate lawyers, teachers, medical professionals, military personnel and rabbis.

I currently counsel men and women who work at these companies

Daniel White w Wife and Child

with my wife shelly and daughter MADDIE

Experienced Relationship Specialist

I’ve been a psychological health professional since 2002. I spend several hundred hours each year doing extensive training in the latest therapeutic and coaching modalities, in order to keep up with the cutting edge healing methods.

My expertise weaves the combination of years of mindfulness training and buddhist psychology training with  advanced studies of cutting edge developmental neuroscience and attachment theory including Psychobiological approach to Couple Therapy and Emotion focused therapy


However, my own relationships are the real wellspring of my knowledge and wisdom. My experience as a committed husband, father, son and friend heavily inform how I help others.

& Accreditations

daniel white certified and accredited therapist

Registered Psychotherapist
PACFA Australia

Masters of Transpersonal Counselling Psychology
Naropa University (Boulder, CO)

Certified PACT(Level 2) Couple Therapist
PACT Institute (Los Angeles CA

Certified Gestalt Therapist (CGT)
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, (Boulder, CO)

Advanced Certificate in Emotional Focused Couple Therapy 
OCFI Ottawa Family and Couples Institute (Ottawa, Canada)

Certificate in Transformational Coaching
Advanced Transformational Coaching and Leadership Training Program (San Fransisco, CA)

Certified Group Psychotherapist
Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, (Boulder, CO)

Certified EMDR Practitioner
EMDR institute (Jerusalem, Israel)

Certified Transformational Coach
Circling Institute, USA